Jule Selbo has recently transplanted from California to Portland, Maine. Her screenwriting credits (spanning over two decades) in film and television include George Lucas’ Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, HBO’s Women Behind Bars, George Romero’s Tales from the Darkside and Monsters, Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame Part Deux and Cinderella II, Aaron Spelling’s Melrose Place, Fox’s Space Above and Beyond, and Mrs. Caliban for Paramount, the television series Hercules produced by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, the feature film Hard Promises, starring Sissy Spacek, and more. She has worked as a screenwriter, writer/producer in live action and animation, in feature film and in television.

Her latest project – a production rewrite on a sci-fi adventure focused on the work of Nikolai Tesla.

Jule loves talking story and her books Screenplay: Building Story Through Character and Film Genre for the Screenwriters (Routledge) are used in many universities and film schools. For more info, click here.


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This horror anthology series, produced by noted horror filmmaker George A. Romero, explores the macabre, but like its predecessor - it does so with a twist. Low budget but with a huge cult following, the show explores horror and supernatural story lines. Jule’s episodes include I Can’t Help Saying Good-Bye, Mary, Mary, Deliver Us from Goodness, Comet Watch, Grandma’s Last Wish, The False Prophet and more.

Jule’s episodes include Satan in the Suburbs, Mr. Swlabr, All in a Day’s Work and more.



Series created by Sam Rami and Rob Tapert, produced by their company Renaissance Pictures and starred Kevin Sorbo. This episode, Hercules and the Amazon Women penned by Jule, opened the season.

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