A proud member of the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance, Jule’s popular courses Writing the Film Audiences Want to See and Genre for the Writer concentrate on helping writers understand core elements of the major narrative genres. This knowledge shapes and enhances stories to not only fulfill audience’s expectations but to take the narratives to new dimensions.

COMING IN APRIL 2020 - Historical Fiction: Breaking Barriers: Laura Bassi and the Enlightenment (Barbera/Mentoris Publishing)

Find Me in Florence

Survival means finding the courage to dig deep and find that elusive inner strength…

Finding herself at life’s crossroads, always-dutiful Lyn Bennett jumps at the chance to teach in historic Florence, Italy; it’s an opportunity to unearth the mysterious details of her mother’s past as one of Florence’s revered Mud Angels who helped save the city during the 1966 flood - as well as to re-evaluate the choices she’s made in her life. When her husband betrays her and a best friend falls to the wayside, Lyn is devastated. When handsome and magnetic Matteo strives to help, she has to decide if she will allow the people – and the city of Florence, with its pride, vitality and beauty - inspire her to open her heart again?

Find Me in Florence is published by Panda Moon and available here.

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Dreams of Discovery


Giovanni Caboto (‘John Cabot’) was born in Genoa, Italy. As a child, he dreamed of captaining a ship across a mysterious, uncharted Ocean -  from Europe to the riches of China. There was another boy in Genoa at the same time, with the same dream: Cristofer Colombo.

The Turks, in the 15th century, had a stranglehold on the trade routes to the Far East. Europe’s race to find an alternative passage was heating up. But an explorer needed patrons, funds, ships – and a vision. Whereas Colombo had taken a south and west route from Spain, Caboto was convinced a more northern route from England would lead directly to China.

Cabot remained convinced, even on his death bed, that he’d reached China – not realizing he’d claimed much of the North America for his patron, the King of England, and made an amazing contribution to the fabric of America.

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Jule sold her first short stories to Alfred Hitchcock Magazine in the early 1990s. This monthly anthology was created in 1956 and is still going strong today, specializing in crime, mystery and detective fiction.